We are a digital marketing company (that work heavily with influencer/brands), www.code1.vip. Codeone is founded in the UK, and Asia HQ- SG. Started in 2018, our company has been grooming KOLs from zero followers to up to 1M+ followers on IG/Tiktok. From unknown to mini-influencers/influencers status- we handle the marketing & ad-hoc affairs for you. Companies pay 5 figures for our service to grow followers for them, but as our influencers under us, we do it for free, using our own company funds to reinvest on you. As your followers grows, endoursements/ fans subscriptions comes in, and this is how we generate income.

By joining us, you will enjoy the following privileges:

  1. Priority access to sponsorship offers/advertisers’ offers

As a marketing company, we maintain a large list of clients, working with companies of all sizes and from various industries, ranging from world-famous brands to average-sized businesses.

We can provide you with priority access to such offers. When advertisers contact us, we will refer your profile to them first. We typically receive 100-200+ KOL (Key Opinion Leader) applications whenever we post new projects, so this will significantly increase your chances of being selected.

  1. Access to our wealth of experience, connections, and guidance

Since 2018, we have collaborated with over 650 influencers from around the world and have been successful in what we do. As a content creator/influencer, continue doing what you love while having us as a strong support system for your career.

We will provide you with all the guidance you need to succeed in this industry.

  1. No strict rules, no hidden terms, flexibility, and a trial period

Many of the influencers under our management have praised our welfare benefits. Experience it for yourself. We offer a 1-month trial period, so trying it out is risk-free. If you find it unsuitable, there is no payment or penalty fee for leaving.